The Village of Fort Plain Police


Employment opportunities

The Village of Fort Plain Police Department prides itself in being a progressive Police Department, with the continual updating of equipment and training for the safety of the officers and residents ever present. Currently the Fort Plain Police Department employs both Full and Part-Time Police Officers. The following is the current staffing level of the Fort Plain Police Department:

1 Chief of Police Full Time
3 Police Officers Full Time
10 Police Officers Part Time
2 Training Officer Part Time

Getting hired, both Full Time and Part Time Officers

1. You must be under 35 years of age.
2. You must have a high school diploma or GED
3. Sign up for the civil service exam as listed by:
  Montgomery County Department of Personnel
  PO Box 1500
  Fonda, N.Y. 12068
4. Take and pass the written test
5. Pass the physical agility test
(Testing requirements can be obtained from the Department of Personnel)
6. Pass the oral interview with the Chief of Police
7. Pass a thorough background investigation including:
  a. School history
  b. Work history
  c. Credit history
  d. Personal references
8. Pass a psychological exam
9. Pass a medical exam

Lateral Transfers

The Fort Plain Police Department accepts lateral transfers of New York State certified police officers only. Certified officers, who have current civil service status with a New York State Personnel Department, may be transferred in, in accordance with state and county laws, when an opening becomes available.

If interested in employment as either full or part-time position as a Police Officer, send a cover letter, current resume and a completed application to:

Fort Plain Police Department
168 Canal Street
Fort Plain, N.Y. 13339

**Please do NOT call the station and inquire

Fort Plain Police Department Application
Montgomery County Civil Service
FAQ About Police Exam
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